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The attention towards environmental issues is nowadays increasingly perceived at a wide dimension involving governmental, economic, civil society actors and citizens. Aware of such perception,  environment needs therefore a multi-dimension approach for guaranteeing the latest balanced development goals.

In such context the Project aims at contributing in arising the awareness of the governmental and economic sector about the impact of the productive areas on the surrounding environment by supplying viable solutions for the adoption of new development models. The development models, tailored  upon each single productive environment, screen all the aspects constituting the day-by-day  life of the productive areas acquiring not only an economic but also a social dimension as soon as a productive area is not only the gathering of firms and equipments but is animated by a social dimension.

The project has been financed in the framework of the European Transnational Cooperation Programme South East Europe 2007-2013 within priority Axis 4 focused on development of transnational synergies for sustainable growth areas, for the total amount of 1.913.180,00 € with an ERDF contribution of 1.626.202,97 €. It started on 11th of March 2009 and will last for 36 months, until 31st May 2012.